Sunday, 13 December 2015

Summer Days

With the older three home from school and the door firmly closed on Sally's school-room for the year, it's time to get down to business.

The three girls and I headed to Bottle Tree to put out the last of the working bulls and dip a few cows.

This sweetheart obviously didn't get the memo that it's been a little dry.

Cattle have picked up remarkably in the past month after close to three inches of rain fell at Bottle Tree.  Unfortunately the heat of recent days is seeing the green turn a little blue, but hopefully more storms are on the way.

Calves are a little later than usual, and branding will wait another month.  We'll be sure to get a round done before our workforce heads back to school.

This pesky beggar was hanging out with the first calf heifers. A long way from purebred, he looked to have a fair dash of kelpie in him.

Jess is enjoying a new young horse.  A half brother to Sally's Chikita, he's a whole lot more life in him than her old steed, who's been retired after many years of faithful service.

Sarah's old spotted horse is also new to the plant, after losing her old black Bob.  He's a bit of an old plugger but is filling a gap until we find something else.

Wallace couldn't join us, he'd been appointed team-leader of Grandad's pre-Christmas crabbing operation.
In other exciting news ...

we've a learner driver in our midst.

By my calculations, I'll have L plates on my car for the next six  years.  Should have nerves of steel by 2022!

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my return to blogging.  It's a wonderful community that I've missed greatly.


  1. Just wonderful! I'm waking to the Swiss Alpine dawn at 1200 metres above sea level… and what a treat to read your words again, and see the light and life in your photos from somewhere I also love so well. Thank you Fiona! Wishing you a very happy Christmas, with much fun together! Ali

  2. So lovely to "re-connect" with you Ali. Hope you've been happy and well. Wishing you a wonderful white Christmas.

  3. Love reading your posts and watching everyone grow up. I've been seriously thinking of getting one of those saddles as they look a LOT lighter than my old wade. So many more choices and different measurement to know which kind😊

  4. enjoy the holidays.........not sure you will enjoy the driving supervisor bit but have fun with the kids.......they sure are growing.........

  5. So glad to find your post the first time I visit blogger land in ages. So lovely to see the childrens' smiles (and growth). The horses and cattle look to be in fine condition. Hope you all have a happy Christmas.

  6. It made my day seeing your blog post pop up. So lovely to see your family and hear the news. The kids look gorgeous and I love the new doggie addition being a sausage dog fan and owner myself. Such little characters.


  7. Your Christmas tree is so clever and so very effective ... And a great photo from the back of your two on their horses. Good to hear you've had rain and the promise of more.

  8. Fiona! How did I miss this? I am absolutely thrilled you are back. Have really missed you xx

  9. So pleased to see you back. I've missed seeing what's happening in your part of the world.
    Hope you get the rain you need.

  10. I've just discovered your blog after seeing your comment on Anne Wheaten's. It looks lovely and I can't wait to read along!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Nerves of steel ... yes you will. I'm sure it will get easier with each kid.



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