Saturday, 2 January 2016

Christmas at the Beach

Not immune from Australia's great love affair with the beach, we excitedly traded boots for boardies and headed south to the whale-watching capital of the country over Christmas.

Our plans were somewhat altered when Matthew's Mum had a fall early in the week, seeing her hospitalised for the duration of our stay.  It turned out a blessing that the hospital wasn't far from where we were staying, meaning we could visit daily, and were able to bring her out for Christmas lunch.

As well as the requisite eating, drinking with a little more eating thrown in, we enjoyed some beachside action.

The boys were gifted a day-trip on a fishing charter,

returning with big stories of the ones that got away.

We returned home to only seventeen mm in the rain guage, but wonderful stories of good rain in the north and west, long overdue.  We know our turn isn't far away.


  1. Holy smokes I did not realise quite how much the kids looked like Grandi until now! She looks well. And it looked like a terrific Christmas!

  2. glad you got some time away........hope for some rain but nothing so far..........the forecast keeps getting lower and lower amounts......hope you get some more pleased to hear some good falls in QLD........

  3. Happy New Year! May the rain that you need arrive in good quantity, without further delay.

  4. The family resemblance is astonishing! I am glad you had a good beach holiday. I hope Matthews mother has fully recovered from your fall. Wishing you all the best for the new year, and lots of rainfall, too. x

  5. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family, Fiona. Love your fun at the beach photos. Hope the rain comes your way soon.

  6. We are heading there this week! Love the bay... looks like fun! Our boys did a charter too - they caught a few (call us for the contact details next time!) :-) Amanda

  7. What glorious photos ... Christmas at the beach is not a headline you would see over here in the UK! Hoping your Mum is recovering - she must have really appreciated your closeness. Sending warmest good wishes for plenty of rain for you in 2016.

  8. Great to read that you got some R&R beachside. Hopefully more rain will be grace you real soon.



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