Hello ... and welcome!

I'm Fiona ... a wife and mother of four living in rural Central Queensland working hard to raise some good cattle and even better kids ... both not without challenge.

I wear many hats (most times a battered felt work hat) and juggle many balls. I believe the great wordsmith Alan Jackson summed it up best when he sang "my greatest contribution will be the ones I leave behind." And so we're working at raising some kids with a hearty dose of common sense, a strong work ethic and above all compassion. There are days I feel I'm losing the battle, and other days when they make their beds and bring me coffee that I think we're going okay.

I've been blogging here at Cattle, Kids & Chaos since 2009, chronicling our lives in the country and enjoying the connection that it has brought.  Although our surrounds may be different, regardless of which country we live in, or whether we're in the city or the bush, we're all much the same, trying to do the best we can to live a good life, raise good kids and enjoy the ride. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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